Rebecca Nelson


Rebecca Nelson is A & R Firearms Training first female firearms instructor!!  We are extremely happy to have her on board.  Rebecca has been shooting for several years and has developed her skills with dedicated practice.  Rebecca is committed to sharing her experience and giving the student a quality learning experience.

Josh Fortenberry


Josh comes to us with a strong Law Enforcement background.  Josh currently serves as an Assistant Chief of Police and has knowledge in the following areas.  DISCLAIMER: NOT A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF SKILL SETS BUT COVERS EVERYTHING HE WILL BE WORKING WITH A & R FIREARMS TRAINING TO PRESENT TO STUDENTS. SWAT DIRECTOR ACTIVE SHOOTER […]

James Powell


James has been in the E911 field for numerous years and currently serves as the Director of Desoto County E911.  James is well versed in this area and has been a certified instructor for local law enforcement as well as other businesses.  A & R Firearms Training welcomes him on board in our ongoing effort […]

Bubba Hill

First aid instructor

Earl Hill, aka “Bubba” is certified in First Aid/CPR and we will be adding First Aid training to our course offerings here at A & R Firearms Training.  Bubba has served AMERICA in the US Army and as a LEO.

Chris Warner

Precision Rifle Instructor

I teach shooting in a very different way more than most other schools do. I don’t go in to all the cool speeches and the unusable hard to remember nomenclature that most show instructors use. I use common terms so everyone can understand what I’m really talking about.  I rely on the shooters feedback and […]