Precision Rifle Instructor

Chris Warner

I teach shooting in a very different way more than most other schools do. I don’t go in to all the cool speeches and the unusable hard to remember nomenclature that most show instructors use. I use common terms so everyone can understand what I’m really talking about.  I rely on the shooters feedback and taking questions from students very seriously. I basically teach you how to teach yourself how to shoot. Out of all my training years and hundreds of students, I have yet to find more than one person who understood the exact same way as another would. I don’t want to “pump” out average shooters. I want shooters to be able to learn by recognizing their own mistakes and wanting to be the best shooter the thought they never could be. I never compare one shooter to another.

A & R Firearms Training is happy to announce adding Chris Warner to our Training team.  Chris’ specialty is Precision Rifle and he has a lot of experience in this area.  Chris has served AMERICA proudly in the US NAVY as well as an extensive tenure in Law Enforcement.  Chris brings a very high level of professionalism to the table with over 44 combined years of experience in rifle shooting.  The following is a list of Chris’ qualifications:

*Gulf War Veteran-USN

*USN 2nd Class Navy Diver

*Small Boat Coxswain Stationed in Subic Bay, RP

*NRA Precision Rifle, Patrol Rifle, Shotgun And Handgun Instructor

*State of MS Certified Precision (sniper) shooter

*Active shooter instructor for County, State, and Federal LE Agencies

*Swat Sniper Instructor including K9 handler training for snipers

* Dept of Homeland Security Executive Protection Instructor

*Chris has been involved in Competitive Mid and Long range shooting for over 15 yrs.  F T/R Class and F-Open Class

*Chris has also served as an assistant shoot house instructor.


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