All Ladies MS Enhanced Carry class


Total: 75


This is an All Ladies class!!  Upon completion of this class, the individual will receive a certificate to be take to the MS Dept of Public Safety along with the completed application to receive the MS Enhanced Permit.

The following is a list of Required equipment for the course:

*Quality Firearm  *minimum of 50 rounds of caliber specific ammo  * holster (PREFERRED)  *spare magazine (3 magazines PREFERRED)  *eye and ear protection  * brimmed head covering (ball cap, or boonie hat)  *comfortable clothes (NO “V” cut blouses or t-shirts as this will allow hot brass to go into top and create great discomfort.  * Comfortable Shoes (closed toe) *snacks and drinks if desired.

This course will cover all the fundamentals of shooting to include firearm safety, grip, stance, sight alignment/sight picture, trigger control, follow through, magazine changes, to name a few and will culminate in a live fire exercise to demonstrate safe handling of firearms.


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