MS Enhanced Carry

Self-Defense Gun Training
Allen Nelson Owner/Senior Instructor
122 Desoto Ave. Suite #105 Clarksdale, MS. 38614   View map


Pat Wood with Wood Security is hosting this event at their office and live fire outdoor range in Clarksdale, MS.

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Sign In: 9am

Classroom Study: 9:15am to Noon

Lunch: Noon to 1pm

Range Time: 1pm to 6pm

Event Details

Go to  to download application to be completed for MHP.

This course will consist of the NRA Basic Pistol course and requirements for the MS Enhanced Carry permit.  There is a classroom portion with written test followed by a live fire shooting portion on outdoor range.  The firing portion will require 50 rounds fired from varying positions to ensure all attendees can safely and efficiently handle a firearm in a self-defense situation.  NO LIVE AMMO IN CLASSROOM!!

Items required for class are as follows:  Quality firearm, minimum of 50 rounds of ammo (handgun specific), Eye protection, Hearing protection, a ball cap or other brimmed head covering is recommended.  A holster with magazine holder is preferred but is not required.


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